Learn the Basics of Baccarat


Baccarat is a popular casino game in which players bet on either the Player hand, the Banker hand or a Tie. Two cards are dealt to each hand and the winning hand is whichever total is closest to nine.

Baccarat is one of the most popular games in casinos worldwide, generating more than 80% of Macau’s casino profits. But what is it about this game that makes it so popular?

Game rules

Baccarat is a game that has long been associated with nobility, royalty, and the wealthy. It is now enjoying wide popularity, both online and in land-based casinos. It is a game that has a certain mystique, but players can learn the rules and strategies to make winning plays.

The game is played with a large table and a full deck of cards. The croupier is responsible for collecting and paying bets, and they also announce the totals of each hand. The hand that is closest to 9 wins. The ace is valued as 1, and the cards numbered 2 through 9 are worth their face value.

If either the player or banker hands have an initial total of 8 or 9, no additional cards are drawn. However, if the player has an initial total of 5 or less, a third card is dealt. If the banker has an initial total of 6 or 7, they stand.


Baccarat is a card game in which players place bets on Player, Banker or Tie. After each player places their bet, the croupier deals two cards to each Player and Banker hand. The player with the hand closest to nine wins. In case of a tie, further cards are drawn to determine the winner.

Those looking to maximize their winnings should consider betting on the Banker hand, as it has a lower house edge than the Player and Tie bets. However, players should remember that the vigorish (commission on winning Banker bets) will eat into their profits.

Another popular baccarat strategy is the Martingale system, which involves doubling your bet after each loss and resetting to your base bet after a win. This can lead to significant losses over the long run, so it is important to monitor your bets and stick to a budget. Also, try to play short sessions as the house edge will catch up with you the longer you play.


In most baccarat games, the Player and Banker bets have different payouts. The Player hand pays out 9:1 if it wins, while the Banker hand pays out 8:1. A winning Tie bet gets paid 8:1.

There are many side bets in baccarat with various payouts. Some are based on the poker value of the Banker and Player’s first two cards, while others are based on their total values. For example, a 3-card ’8’ beats a 6-card ‘6’ and pays 25:1.

Some baccarat tables charge commission on Banker wins. This varies from casino to casino, but it usually amounts to 5% of the player’s stake. The purpose of the commission is to even out the odds between Banker and Player hands. Without it, players would always bet on the Banker, which has lower odds than the Player hand. A 5% commission also helps the casino pay its staff and run the game.


Over the years, various baccarat variations have been designed in order to make this classic casino game more exciting and enthralling. These variations offer players additional betting options and different rules to help them win big.

One of the most popular baccarat variations is Super 6. This variation offers better payouts for banker bets and reduces the house edge by a small margin. The banker bet winnings are also subject to a lower commission than the traditional 5%.

Other baccarat variations include Mini Baccarat and EZ Baccarat. The latter maintains the same dealing rules as Punto Banco but also allows players to place Dragon 7 and Panda 8 side bets. This version of the game also lets players see the cards for a player or banker hand before they are dealt. This way, players can place their bets based on the relative value of each hand. However, this practice is not allowed in all casinos.